VIDEO: Nigel Gaisie In Trouble As Junior Pastor Cùrsəs Lady With Egg For Voting For Nana Addo


It is important to note that prior to the elections we had a lot of self-styled prophets who call themselves ‘national prophets’ to predict the possible outcome of the elections. Some of them were emphatic as well as spiritually convinced that their projected candidate is on the verge of winning. Whilst some of them gave the prophecy based on conditions and numerous contradictions, others were certain and went ahead to put their lives on the line as well as their faith.


One person that stood visibly for the NDC campaign and was vehemently urging them on was Nigel Gaisie. Nigel prophesied a win for NDC in the 31st December, 2019 watch night service at his church and said one Kwame Dramani Mahama will emerge with 52.1%. It did not stop there, Nigel defended his prophecy on various media platforms and insisted that Ghanaians should vote for NDC because God has rejected NPP.

He went ahead and posted on his Facebook walls indicating that a win for NPP will spell doom for the church and economy. With the church, NPP will prosecute ministers of God and with the economy; NPP will send us back to 1983. He was so comfortable to the extent that he told Ghanaians he revived the NDC campaign after they lost in 2016 by his prophecies.

Nigel is deeply seated in the NDC agenda and in many ways influenced the choice of Mahama’s running mate. Perhaps, Nigel told NDC that God had told him that they needed a female vice-presidential candidate before winning. Nigel’s confidence did not stop here; he sat on TV and gave his listeners the number of parliamentary seats that will be won or lost by both NPP and NDC. He said that the widow contesting for the Mfantsiman seat will lose and John Dumelo of Ayawaso West Wagon will win.

Unfortunately for Nigel, his spiritual lottery analysis seems to be hitting the rocks. The reality is dawning on the prophet and that of the NDC party. It is very obvious that the NDC choice of female vice presidential candidate did not appeal that much to the electorate. Again, the call by Nigel Gaisie for the church to reject NPP was taken with a pinch of salt. NDC started a series of press conferences accusing the EC of potentially making all attempts to subvert the will of the people.

NDC made wild claims that they have won some 140 seats in parliament and they are poised to appoint the next Speaker and also form the majority in parliament. Strangely enough, the NDC calculations failed as they lost seats in their stronghold and shut their dream. Out of desperation, and upon the direction of Nigel who took to his Facebook to urge them to be vigilant, NDC flagbearer sounded a strong warning to EC and NPP about any fraud results.

The action of Nigel Gaisie and his so-called prophecies had misled the NDC team who prosecuted their campaign with malice, mischief, and outrageous propaganda. Smelling defeat, NDC is urging their supporters to take to the street and jubilate. An action that has been widely condemned by many Ghanaians and the government as irresponsible.

It will be interesting to know that even in the face of facts and figures, Nigel Gaisie continues to urge the NDC on and tells them to be vigilant and protect the ballot with their lives. I am very surprised how a prophet, who calls himself a man of God, could be irresponsible and reckless. His insatiable love and passion for NDC and Mahama are clouded with a lot of diabolic mischief and insincerity.

If God spoke to Nigel to prophesy to NDC or tell Ghanaians something about the elections, it should have been a single day of pronouncement. For Nigel to continue to be embedded with the NDC clearly shows where his interest is. The results carried out by the various media houses indicate a clear majority in parliament for the NPP and a win for Akuffo Addo, Nigel’s 52.1% for one Kwame Dramani Mahama will become a fraud on its own.

When the EC finally declares the winner and the NPP emerges, what it means is that Nigel has added to his records of being somewhat a false prophet. This is because of the way he conducted himself with the NDC and directed them spiritually on what to do and what they ought not to do.

Ghana is not governed by prophetic utterances or the Bible. Ghana is governed by democracy and God appreciates the system. Nigel will be haunted by this prophecy which is about to go down as false.