VIDEO: I won’t resign – NPP Chairman hits back at Group over poor results


The Upper East Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Anthony Namoo, has told the group calling on him to resign that he is not ready to chicken out.

A group, calling itself Patriotic Movement for Growth, in a statement issued on Monday, December 14, 2020, called on the Regional Chairman to resign after the party performed abysmally during the just ended general election.

Contrary to the targets set by the party to win seven seats in the region, the party rather lost two of the seats it occupies in the region and also reduced the margin of votes it gained in the 2016 elections.

“Unfortunately, the region headed for a record worst performance. The region lost all its three seats and decreased its share of the presidential votes to about 32%. The region suffers from leadership paralysis, a leadership that provided no direction to achieving any of its own set targets,” the group said.

Against this backdrop, the group called for the Regional Chairman, who led the party into the 2020 elections, to resign from his position.


But, speaking to Bolgatanga-based Dreamz FM, Mr Namoo said he was not ready to chicken out of the position.

To him, the party and its executives worked their hearts out to ensure that their targets are met and that if they could not achieve their targets, that does not mean they did not work like the group wants to suggest.

“This is the time for us to examine what went wrong. It is when that examination has been done and it found out that the regional chairman and his executives did ABCD that was wrong, that a decision will be made. In that case, blame can come,” he said.

The legal practitioner said he closed his office and did not go to court for the period because he believed that there was the need to invest time in the party.

“Though the target we set for ourselves we couldn’t achieve it, that does not mean we didn’t work hard. I had to collapse my office and virtually did not go to court. I had to make sure that we led the campaign and we did the best that we can. You may have the best footballers in the world but sometimes Barcelona for instance loses matches,” he added.