VIDEO: ‘Ban and criminalize election prophecies in Ghana’ – Prophet Oberempong CP


Variant opinions regarding election prophecies continue to be expressed following President Akufo-Addo’s victory in the recently held presidential elections, contrary to some prophecies foretelling victory for former president John Mahama.

The prophecies in the run-up to elections have become a common feature in Ghana’s elections, what is worrying however the different prophecies is projecting victory for different candidates with the accompanying rhetoric from confused Christians, “is God confused?”


The latest to join in the brouhaha is journalist and President of the non-denominational religious group, Kingdom Loyalists Movement, Prophet Oberempong CP who believes that criminalizing election prophecies remains the only way out to dealing with the canker.

“I strongly think that it is time the Ghana Police Service begin to think about banning and criminalizing election prophecies and arrest any Prophet who will prophesy about election results and winners,” he opined.

Arguing further on why he was making the call, the prophet said, stopping the dramatic predictions was the only way to avert an unpleasant situation for the country during elections.

“The danger of these unnecessary prophecies is that, they make political actors think that they have been cheated or rigged once a Prophet has said a particular political party will win or lose the election,” he explained.

For him, “these unguided, ungodly and un-prophetic public utterances have the highest tendency of triggering post-elections results rejection since our politicians now believe that elections go beyond the physical casting of votes but has some spiritual influence as well.”

The prophet is thus questioning the rationale behind such prophecies and urged the police to arrest such persons to avert post-election violence as defeated politicians could reject elections results based on these proclamations and attributed recent post-election rancor to such prophecies.

Prophet Oberempong CP is thus calling on the Inspector General of Police to facilitate a bill to parliament seeking to ban political prophecies to avert election-related tension.

“I suggest the IGP must present a bill to parliament to pass into a law immediately which will out rightly ban political prophecy or predictions of any sort to avoid creating unnecessary tension in the name of “God said.”