VIDEO: “I give you two weeks to settle my $50,000 or I’ll curse and kill you” Ogidi Brown threatens Fameye


Ghanaian musician and artiste manager, Ogidi Brown has openly threatened his former artiste he was managing. The CEO of OGB music is not happy with the attitude of Fameye concerning the payment of money owed by Famaye.

In the video, Ogidi Brown expressed his shock to see Fameye organized a concert without his knowledge. As an artiste manager, how can the artiste organize a concert without the manager’s knowledge?. Juxtaposing that action, Ogidi Brown feels Fameye has pushed him aside, he therefore is asking him to pay the sum of $50000 he used in pushing his career.

“You have been deceiving me and using noble people to always come and plead on your behalf. But I am telling you that, if after two weeks you dont pay me my money, I will go to Antoa and curse you to die. I don’t care if you die and people stop listening to my music”. Ogidi Brown threatened.

Again he raised his emphasis on the ungrateful attitude Fameye has taken. What happens next ?