VIDEO: “I resigned from Royal TV but was not sacked” Bishop Lumba clarifies


A video had gone viral purporting that Bishop Lumba of RTV had been sacked from the station for proposing love to a lady in the company. In our quest to find out the real truth behind the story, OneGhanaTV had an exclusive interview with the man in question to openly reveal the truth behind the story.

Bishop Lumba had been a panel member of the popular TV show Atesɛm on RTV and from source has been with the station for 3 years. According to him, he personally wrote the resignation letter and was not sacked as people have been propagating on social media.

One major reason why he opted to resign was for peace to prevail and again to avoid future disgrace and tarnishing of his image as the saying goes “good name is better than riches”.

In his defence too, the outspoken Movie star/presenter expressed his surprise to which some TV station took the matter and published it.