VIDEO: “Thank God you are not the one to judge me” Ajagurajah finally responds to Apostle Okoh Agyemang


The founder and leader of Living Yahweh 7th Day Sabbath Assemblies, Apostle Okoh Agyemang preached a sermon last week condemning some pastors and churches in the country. One name which was mentioned was the Leader and founder of Universal Spiritual Outreach, Bishop Kwabena Boakye Asiamah also known as Ajagurajah.

According to Apostle Agyemang, the movement can never be from God and that people have been swayed from the truth. He referenced some of his video which saw Ajagurajah sharing fufu and calling it the body of Christ. Apostle Okoh called that blasphemous as the body of Christ can never be such food.

Lastly, he described the church as a movement and never a church and therefore Christians must be bold to condemn it.

Bishop Asiamah has also responded to the description made by Apostle Agyemang. According to him, people would always use him to be trending and it’s not new to him.

“I am happy that you are not the judge of who is right or wrong so I won’t respond to such statements. You are also not the one who feed me” he responded.

He further stated that people always have interested in getting and the best person they will use is him.

“If I am not from God, thank you but I won’t respond to you for you to get the hype” he ended.