“I am not afraid to die” – Captain Smart to Prophet Salifu Amoako


Every year comes in with each prophet speaking out what they describe as ‘God-given’ messages to the people of Ghana. These messages are directed to mostly people about their season of death or restoration.

On January 3rd, the General Overseer of Alive Chapel International, Bishop Elisha Salifu Amoako prophesied on renowned Broadcaster, Blessed Godsbrain Smart, popularly known as Captain Smart.

According to the Bishop, “There is an ambush that four people have laid against a radio presenter. If he is going to enter his house, four men will shoot him 30 times and run off on a motorbike. The man is called Captain Smart, four people hate him and they have employed some Muslim boys that by this year April, he will be bragging that nothing can touch him. But by the time he knows he has become a ghost,”.

Finally, Captain Smart has responded to the doom prophecy that was given about his life. He had this to say; “I have no time to waste on any person practicing witchcraft so If any pastor or prophet informs you that you’re being pursued by witchcraft, tell them they are indeed sick. 

The other day I heard that some prophet was prophesying that I was going to die by 30 gunshots but look, I am not afraid to die. Listen to me whatever Reverend Bishop, Pastor, Prophet or what you call yourself, that if I die now, and it is not your prophecy because I am not a child for any spiritual amateur to prophecy over my life. They are not God.”


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