” Desist from using ‘Hello’ when you answer a call because it is devised by the devil” – Evangelist Papa Shee


Popular Ghanaian musician now turned pastor, Papa Shee has caused some shakes with the comments rolling. According to the Evangelist, the devil (satan) is very crafty and has a way of winning people into his kingdom by putting men into tight corners always.

In his latest controversial comment, the man of God believes any Christian or child of God should never use ‘hello’ when one answers a call. From his standpoint, ‘hello’ is just a devised word to mean ‘hell oo ‘

Papa Shee indicated that he answers calls by saying ‘Hallelujah’ or ‘Amen’ since he knows the implication of the word ‘hello’.

“The Enemy is very crafty. You can say ‘praise the Lord, or Amen or Good morning, Good afternoon when you receive a call. Words are very powerful.

The enemy is very crafty. Hello, and other words are all terms the devil has devised. Hello means ‘HELL OOO’, Evangelist Papa Shee added.