VIDEO: “Stop drinking and aborting babies” Nana Agradaa chastises and reveals secrets of Diana Asamoah


Nana Agradaa has responded to the comments made by Diana Asamoah for defending Cecilia Marfo. The incident which called for Diana Asamoah to comment and chastise Cecilia Marfo for snatching the mic from Joyce Blessing.

According to Agradaa, Diana Asamoah is a sure drunkard and has been aborting babies long before condemning her fellow musician. Again, she raised alarm on the evil deeds of the musician and called her to come back to the first love she had for God.

Nana Agradaa together with her equally pepper-mouthed panelist to spit venom on Diana Asamoah.According to Agradaa, she did not start this beef but she would make sure Diana Asamoah regrets ever mentioning her name.

She alleged that she is a lesbian, a drunkard amongst other denigrating comments.