VIDEO: “I was advised to act separately from Agya Koo; I wouldn’t have shine” – Akrobeto


During the years of local movies vibrancy, one name was always on the lips of Ghanaians as he was considered the ‘Number One Star’ in the country. He is popularly known as Agya Koo in the movie circles but real name is Kofi Adu.

Recalling incidents that led to his shine and break, Akrobeto revealed that it was through the advice and directions that were given to him by Miracle Films Production CEO, Mr Samuel Nyamekye.

“Mr. Nyamekye genuinely advised me not to go on set with Agya Koo because he was already on top and anyone who acts alongside him, will not shine. Again, he made me reject any role which had Agya Koo inside not because he hated hm, but he wanted to give me a platform to gain grounds in the country” he said.

Although he was coming from the comedy scene (Concert Party), Akrobeto gradually entered into the movie scene and was later recognised for his dedication and hard work. He again made reference to the second directive from Mr. Nyamekye, to work alongside Agya Koo because he had already made the mark in the industry and therefore was considered a lead act.