“Rethink and thread cautiously before you regret” Salinko fires Funny Face [Video]


This week has been Funny Face week as he has been trending online after the Ghana Police arrested him for the use of a gun in public.

According to reports, Funny Face was not given a cool treatment in the hands of the law when he was eventually taken away.

In a video sighted on Instagram, the actor condemned the Ghana Police Service for manhandling Funny Face and causing him physical harm.

While condemning the police, Salinko also spoke against the act of Funny Face raining insults on the Ghana Police Service.

He urged him to desist from making videos and insulting the Ghana Police Service although what they did to him wasn’t right.

Salinko opined that the actor should consider his friends and respectable colleagues who defend and advise him all the time before he engages in certain behaviors.