(VIDEO) “Let this be your first and last video you make” Awusi(Best friend of Funny face) sends warning to Salinko


Funny Face has been going through some dark times and many have lashed out on him for the display of what they describe as ‘immaturity’. Salinko, a colleague and friend of Funny face came out with a video condemning the action and words of Funny Face.

Funny face upon hearing the message also took to his page to heavily respond to the comments from Salinko. In the chastisement words from Salinko, he again described the friends of Funny as unhelpful and negatively influencing him.

This description didn’t go well with Daniel Kofi Awusi, best friend of Funny Face as he issued some warning to Salinko for his words against the friends of Funny.

“You have no idea the kind of things people have done underground for the betterment of Funny Face. You just want o trend and as such resorted to social media to impose some advice on Funny”.

Awusi again revealed some known people who have gone an extra mile of making sure Funny Face comes back to normal.

Fada Dickson, Bola Ray and Aboagye all have played a role in helping the guy. You sit in your house and accuse his friends as the cause of the predicament? How ridiculous!. Don’t state what you don’t know and for the sake of trend make frivolous accusations? he lambasted.

He warned Salinko to not state anything he doesn’t know and therefore it should be his first and last time of doing that.