VIDEO: Teephlow is Pained, Jealousy, and Envious of me — Medikal


Ghanaian rap heavyweights, Medikal and Teephlow, have taken to Twitter to engage in what looks like the next big beef in Ghana’s music industry in a long while. The rappers engaged in a back and forth via posts on Twitter, and took swipes at each other to prove their point at all costs for all to see. It all started when Medikal tried giving some advice to upcoming rappers about how they can ‘blow’ by admonishing them not to focus on trying to impress anyone or trying to be competitive.

This advice however did not go down well with Teephlow who recorded a video and sent his own advice to the upcoming rappers.

Teephlow told the growing rappers to rather focus on growing their own style instead of allowing rappers with “nyaa vibes” to advise them to do otherwise. Medikal jumped on Teephlow’s video and it turned into a war of words between the two industry players. The unsung banter caused Medikal to unfollow Teephlow and the Omo Ada hitmaker asked the Phlowducation maker to also reciprocate the action.