“I dare all of you to bring whatever evidence you have about me out” Akua GMB


Former beauty queen Akua GMB and ex wife of millionaire, Dr. Kwaku Oteng has also lashed out in defence against all accusations to implicate her.

These past few weeks, Akua GMB, Stacy Amoateng and Adu Safowaa have been in the news over so many allegations and accusations against each other.

Adu Safowaaa who made it known in the public space the cause of the divorce of Akua’s marriage with Dr. Oteng said in an interview that, Stacy Amoateng is to be blamed and is the main reason why the marriage did not work.

Although some comment came from an unknown woman also alluding such unhealthy speech from Adu Safowaa as she has been hired by Akua GMB. The woman again squashed the accusation against Stacy as lies because she played no role in the divorce.

Another audio hit online revealing that Akua GMB cheated on her ex husband and has proofs to show and her ex-husband also has proof to show the world that she was indeed cheating on him with another man.

Akua GMB has finally responded and dared everyone claiming to have evidences to come out with them because, she cant take the lies anymore.

She ascribed her readiness to fight with anyone with the mission to tarnish and spew lies about her because she has children and must protect them.

She said ; “I’m patiently waiting for their expose . I will face you squarely. I’m ready for all of you so bring it on . Ad3n aaa ???? I’m laughing like a killer . Bring it on all of you . Nobody should come to my page n tell me to ignore them . It’s about time I face all of these people . The lies, the disgrace, the shame is getting too much. I have kids , I have to fight them for the sake of my kids. I won’t have anyone lie against me anymore . I dare all of you to bring whatever evidence you have about me out .!!!!!”