VIDEO: I’ve no problem with my daughter sympathizing with Funny Face to recover from his insanity — Father-in-law


Jah Wisdom who is the father of Funny Face’s Baby Mama Vanessa has finally responded to  Funny Face after his daughter reconciled with Funny Face

Funny Face in one of his videos shared on his Instagram revealed that Vanessa and her dad are wee smokers.

According to him, Vanessa’s father is wee farmer and that’s how she started smoking wee. He further revealed that Vanessa fights her father and as a result of that the father sacked her from his house and she left to stay with her mum

According to him, Funny Face is going mad and needs to be checked into a psychiatric hospital.

He added that only a mad man will come on social media and share hi private marital life on the platform.

Responding to allegations by Funny Face that he smokes wee and wee farmer Jah Wisdom refuted the allegations adding that even he wants to grow wee (cannabis) there’s nothing wrong with it so far he has a license to do so.