“Agya Koo can still be used to revive the Movie Industry” KOFAS


The quest of Producers and Directors to revive the Kumawood and Film industry in general has called for other ideas to be placed on board for the success of that initiative. OneGhanaTV interviewed one known director to share his view on how the industry can be revived and what really caused it to die.

Kofi Asamoah also known as Kofas, a Ghanaian award-winning film director, writer, and film producer. He is the CEO and Creative Director of Kofas Media , a Film, Television and Advertising Production Company has delved deep in to comment on the revival needed for the industry.

According to him, there had not been a definite research which points out the real cause of the ‘dead’ industry and as such any comment is a personal one which cannt go a long way to change the predicament.

He called and asked that, collectively there could be a research purposely to unveil the real deal associated with the industry. Some people had attributed the issue to some producers for refusing to feature Agya Koo in their movies whereas others have associated it to actors like Agya Koo for becoming prideful.

“You cannot blame Agya Koo or any Director or Producer for the issues we are facing. Agya Koo as a veteran can be used to revive the industry and therefore we must stop blaming him. What will happen when we blame him and tend to need his help?”