“Allow Lesbianism and Gayism (LGBQTI+) to be taught in schools” – Former GES Director-General


The Ghana Education Service introduced Comprehensive Sexuality Education subject into the education curriculum which met many oppositions. Eventually it was ascribed into the curriculum which focuses on expanding the kids knowledge in sexual education.

What has been the debate in the country is the acceptance and rejection of gays and lesbians group in the country. A former Director-General of the Ghana Education Service (GES), Mr. Charles Aheto-Tsegah has also commented on the the need to accept or reject the group in the country. As an Educationist, his interest is solely on making changes in the curriculum for the inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender/transsexual [LGBT+] activism in the education curricular.

He propounded that when children are in the know, they will gain knowledge on the discussions and the practices of the LGBT+ society to make an informed decision in future.

According to him, children are thought about other social vices to help them desist from committing mistakes in the future and not for them to practice them.

“In the education system, we don’t teach children to mimic practices that they are thought, especially those that are not in the interest of the public, but it is important for our children to have [the] knowledge,” Mr Tsegah told TV3 on Thursday.

He added, “All of us are bent on saying for lack of knowledge our people perish. It is important that the children know that there is a certain group of individuals who say they’re LGBT+ and this is what they do and how they came about.”

“When taught in the school, doesn’t mean children will practice LGBT+. The comprehensive sexuality education came up…designed to address lack of knowledge that children had on this emerging social issues so that they would be informed to make a good decision,” the former Director-General of GES added.