Michael Essien loses over 1million followers on twitter after declaring supports for gays and lesbians (VIDEO)


Ghanaians in diaspora have also made their stance on the debate of gays and lesbians acceptance in the country. According some prominent people, they have thrown in their support for gays rights to be accepted and legalized in the country.

Football Star Micheal Essien is the current prominent person to openly agree and accept gays and lesbians in the country. From his stance, the country must pass a law to accept the rights of gays in a short tweet on his timeline. He had this to say;

“We see you, we hear you, we support you. Our LGBTQIA plus Community in Ghana,” indicating that Ghana supports equality”.

People have reacted to the tweet of the football maestro as there has been a strong reduction in the number of followers on twitter. The before and after the tweet followers shows a clear sign of unhappiness by people for throwing his support for same sex marriage in Ghana.

Michael Essien’s Twitter page which was having 1.7 million followers has now reduced to 688,000 followers and it keeps reducing by the minute.

The football star has lost close to a million followers on Twitter.

The conversation on LGBTQI came to the fore after the community in Ghana illegally secured an office space where they would address issues bothering their members. The office has since been closed down by the National Security.