VIDEO: “Michael Essien is gay and God will strike him” Prophet Adu Bohyen reveals


The talk of gayism and lesbianism is not ending anytine soon since people have threatened to expose all men and women of prominence in the society. Ghanaians have largely rebel agaisnt the acceptance of the same sex marriage in the country.

Prophet Johnson Adu Bohyen has openly condemned the comments made by Essien and made some revelations unbeknownst to many Ghanaians. This is not the first time the man of God has made strange and dangerous revelations.

According to the man of God, he has been following Essien and can confidently say that, the ex Black Stars midfielder is gay. This revelation came after Essien openly asked the leadership of the country to accept same sex marriage.

“I have. been following Essien since his active footballing days and I can confidently say that he is gay. He only brings out ladies not because he is interested in them but to avoid the talk from people and people realizing his status as gay” he said.

He continued to describe the real deal behind the the collapse of Essien’s relationships which doesn’t last for long.

“Essien only go out with ladies under false pretence and truly has no interest in them because he is solely in for men. His relationships will not last and God will strike him for his utterances” HE CONTINUED.

He lastly thanked God for not allowing Essien to coach the young teams of the country because he would have introduced all the kids to gayism.