Erection lasts longer with exes and side chicks but wives, not at all – Counsellor


The controversial sex coach and a marriage counsellor seems to be hitting hard on Ghanaian married women lately as he has yet again sparked another debate over having longer erection with regards to married women and sidechicks.

Counsellor Lutterodt said that an erection that is able to stand a test of time may not be caused by a wife but a side chick or an ex-girlfriend.

According to his argument there seems to be something which the wives are not doing properly with respect to sexual intimacy between husband and wife.

He added that most of the marriage divorces and the incessant relationship breakups are caused by the fact that sexual satisfaction are not well met.

Explaining his point to the reason he said most wives are not able to cause men to have longer erection due to the fact that most of the wives do nag a lot and gives excuses which kills the appetite of men.