10 Practical Reasons Why Couples Should Abstain From Śêx Before Marriage – Okyeame Kwame Lists


Ghanaian singer and entrepreneur Okyeame Kwame and his wife Annica have shared 10 practical reasons couples need to abstain from s3x before marriage.

Okyeame Kwame and his wife Annica have written a book titled “Love Lockdown” sharing their 10 years marriage experience and some tips on relationships and love.

In a post shared on his Instagram page, Okyeame Kwame gives a bit of what the book “Love Lockdown” entails.

He gives 10 practical reasons why couples should avoid ś3x before marriage.

According to him, it clouds the judgment of the couple on important decisions especially red flags in a relationship.

He also added that abstaining preserves the scradness of sęx between the couple.

He also wrote;

10 Practical Reasons a Couple Should
Avoid Sex Before Marriage

  1. Sex before marriage clouds their judgement on important decisions, especially when there are red flags in the relationship that need attention.
  2. Waiting until marriage preserves the sacredness of sex between the couple
  3. Not giving in to their desires teaches the couple self-
    control, which also helps them avoid the urge to cheat with others.
  4. Avoiding sex saves either party from “feeling used” should the other call it quits
  5. An unplanned pregnancy and/or STD, which can
    cripple an otherwise healthy relationship, will not be an issue.

The remaining 5 reasons can be found in their book “Love Lockdown”.