The gods drowned the children for having sex in the river – Apam Traditionalists


On Sunday February 7th 2021, residents of Apam were left in shock as 12 dead bodies were retrieved from the Apam River after an unknown number of children went to swim. 

The traditional authorities in Apam in the central region of Ghana have revealed that some of the children who were drowned in the Apam river were having sexual intercourse which triggered the rage of the gods.

Reports had it that the 12 retrieved bodies were among some 20 dead children who went to swim in the Apam river despite the current restrictions on beach activities. 

The deceased children rubbished the COVID-19 protocols and went for swimming at the blind side of the elders of the community. 

One of the traditional leaders in an interview with Nana Yaw Asare of Rainbow FM disclosed that the traditional leaders have consulted the deities of the community and has discovered that some of the victims had sex in the river. 

According to the traditionalist they are still performing various rites in a bid to retrieve the remaining bodies. 

He added that such an incident has never occurred in the history of the river.