VIDEO: I will never like Kwame Nkrumah because he was a dictator and discriminative –Borgaria the Blind Historian


Close your eyes for a little longer. What did you see? You were clothed in the dark I guess? This didn’t HinderAfari Duodu. Wonders indeed shall never end as the world keeps providing incredible stories which have everything amazing in the contents. The tale of Afari Duodu, also known as Bulgeria is the new dawn which is making waves. The man “Bulgaria” who recounted was visually impaired from birth and had to suffer the pain of an early died of his mother had to go through a lot at that stage to break barriers. This is indeed a sad tale to recount.

However, these hindrances couldn’t stop his dreams. He was able to break the glass ceilings becoming the first visually impaired student to be offered a special exam by WACE and enabled him to make his dream to the premier university in Ghana , the university if Ghana, Legon. What a breakthrough. Amazingly, he has become a historian who cut across anything history, be it sports, politics and the list goes on. He blew minds and brought teary to the eyes of many who listen to him during a sports show on the ABN platforms affirming the statement, there is ability in disability. He gave historical antecedents to events which caught studio audience and viewers mouths opened. The most stunning part of the story is he has been offered the opportunity to work with the sports team at Angel fm 102.9 which meet his dream while schooling.

Indeed disability shouldn’t hinder any man toothless. The story of this young man has to inspire many to break glass ceilings and get to their dreams.