Moesha drops her rendition of Beyonce’s DIVA


Slay queen turned actress Moesha Boduong today celebrated her birthday and used the opportunity to launch her musical career by dropping her first single.

After days of making noise about the song, she chooses today being a special day in her life to release it for her fans and the public.

The song remake of American pop star Beyonce’s world hit song titled “Diva”.

On why so choose to do a rendition of the song, she explained that she is a huge fan of Beyonce and as such felt it was a great pleasure to redo her song.

She captioned the video: “Celebrating Life & Growth

My life has been an amazing adventure and such a blessing. I’ve been a crazy ‘Beehive’ fan of Beyoncé my whole life BUT this record, in particular, speaks so loudly to me – A DIVA is a female version of a HUSTLER: What a journey to finally get here.

Life and Living it. All the stones that were cast at me, I gathered to build a castle in which I proudly rule today in grace and success.

My birthday wish: Tag @beyonce and Send some blessings my way.”