“He will kill you, go to jail and come back to another woman”- Prophet Kofi Oduro on abusive relationship (VIDEO)


With the series of killings associated with abusive relationship, the Head Pastor and founder of Alabaster International Ministries (Alabaster House Chapel), Prophet Kofi Oduro has come out with caution and what he describes as ‘red signal’ to people in abusive relationship.

In a video, the man of God has called on young people in abusive relationships, be it emotional, financial, verbal, physical to quit for the sake of their lives.

Making references from the happenings in the country, the man of God called on all and sundry to quit rather than die in abusive relationships.

Also, from his analogy, when a man or woman kills someone in an abusive relationship, the probability of the individual coming out after serving his term is very high. Then again, there is another room for the individual to find another person to be with.