I received no recognition for being a symbol for Ghana — Famous Akwaaba girl says


Angelina Akua Nana Oduro: Famous Akwaaba girl says she received no recognition for being a symbol for Ghana

Angelina Akua Nana Oduro, the girl who is seen in the famous Akwaaba photo that symbolizes Ghana’s hospitality both home and abroad has revealed she received no recognition for her picture.

In an interview with TV3 Ghana sighted by Oneghanaonline.com, Angelina Akua Nana Oduro indicated that her wish is to meet the president and the minister of tourism at least.

Angelina who is now 39 years old took the picture when she was 18 years old in the 1990s.

According to her, although there were no social media networks at the time, the image managed to go viral within just a few weeks or months. Soon enough, hotels, embassies, tourist sites and other iconic places of visit were seen featuring the picture to portray Ghana’s sense of hospitality.

The iconic image, widely recognized as a symbolism of Ghana’s hospitality features Angelina adorn in regal Ghana Kente while holding a calabash with a flashing smile.