VIDEO: Poor road maintenance causes a lot of accidents — Nana Ama Mcbrown shares the cause of her 2013 accident.

Loss of life usually causes a lot of sorrow and sadness. However, incidents like accidents can also cause such emotions. Such was the situation of the beautiful actress Nana Ama when she was involved in a grisly accident along the George Walker Bush Highway in Lapaz 5 years ago.

According to Eugene of peacefmonline the cause of the accident is yet to be known. The boyfriend, Maxwell was with her when the accident occurred. He recounted that all he knew was that a vehicle came out from nowhere and the next thing they remember was finding themselves in hospital. Is Nana Ama McBrown Dead or Alive? – Anxious Fans Were Eager to Know Once you become a famous celebrity nothing about you is completely private. Such was the case with Ama after her accident. Pictures of Nana Ama McBrown accident came up online whenever you searched her name. Everyone wanted to know how well she was doing and it is not surprising that their may have been rumors claiming that she could be dead. Such is human nature that in their anticipation will start a rumor that may not necessarily be true.

Nana Ama McBrown Accident – What Actually Happened The accident was unexpected and one that left the actress devastated. The accident occurred in 2013 and was tragic to the point that Nana almost lost her life. When she could talk about the accident after a week long of intensive medical attention, Nana debunked the claims that the car was overloaded during the accident. It was just her and her husband who was her then boyfriend. She was more than grateful to have survived the accident as she continuously thanked God for saving her. According to Nana, the accident brought the couple together and even intensified their love for each other.