VIDEO: “If Bulgaria dares me with his arrogance and ingratitude , I will release his sex videos” – Oheneba Ntim Barima


Oheneba Ntim Duodu is the founder of Soul Health and Wellness Centre and a once ‘fatherly’ of the visually impaired and blind historian, Afari Duodu. What was then a father and son relationship between the former and latter has now changed to a bitter one.

OneGhanaTV granted interview to the blind historian and he made some references to Oheneba Ntim. But according to the Natural Health Campaigner, Afari Duodu has been an ingrate and arrogant.

Speaking in an interview with OneGhanaTV, Mr. Ntim called out to Bulgaria to stop tarnishing his image. He also made some audios available which suggested that Bulgaria has been sending falsehoods and making some description about him that if he keeps mute, may have a long term effect on him.