“The Government should come out with a policy to ban sports betting” – MP for Ajumako Enyan laments


Sports betting has become the norm of the day as many youth have found solace in it due to the unemployment canker in the country. As a result of what the Member of Parliament for Ajumako Enyan Dr Ato Forson describes as a deviation of societal norms.

From his standpoint, the sitting government of the NPP should ban sports betting in Ghana.

The Ranking Member on Parliament’s Committee on Finance advised Government that it will better for the nation to ban the activity of sports betting instead of taxing it.

According to the member of parliament, the activity of sports betting is destroying the youth of the country which does not need to be encouraged at all, and not to talk of taxing it.

“Ghana today, we are complaining that this gambling is destroying our youth. I have read a number of articles on this. I would have thought the government will come out with a policy to restrict gambling and to even ban it,” He said on Joy News.

The former deputy finance minister added that the Government should not focus on revenue mobilization to the detriment of the citizenry.

 “To run a country is not all about money. You need to preserve society as well.

Exemption Bill alone can rake in 2.5% of GDP. Instead of government of Ghana going back to push that Exemption Bill; they have decided to tax us because that is easy”