VIDEO: Boy at Kasoa’s finger ‘eaten’ up by ‘sakawa’ ring belonging to a friend


A gentleman who appears to be in his late teens has gotten himself in some trouble after he put on a ring that belongs to one of his friends. In a video report by Adom TV sighted by, it is indicated that the gentleman was at a gaming center around Iron City in Kasoa when one of his playmates removed the ring, put it on the table, and forgot about it.

The unsuspecting boy picked up the ritually-fortified ring, wore it on his finger, and went home to take his bath and sleep only to feel that the ring was tightening up around his finger.

Watch the full report below:

The young man was in great discomfort till the next day when some locals heard of his woes and attempted to forcibly cut off the ring. An eye-witness who narrated the incident from that point revealed that immediately a piece of the ring was cut off, it mysteriously moved into the boy’s finger, penetrating deep into his bone. The boy was screaming on top of his voice at this point. When the ring owner was finally found and queried, he indicated that the ring was not supposed to come in contact with water whilst its on the finger. He further claimed that before the ring will come off, the finger must be amputated off or the blood of a baby must be used for a ritual.