VIDEO: I always get furious when I hear Counselor Oduro enforcing women to pamper their cheating husbands.


Relationship coach and marriage counsellor Charllote Oduro has advised women not to leave their cheating partners but rather pamper them to change.

According to Charlotte Oduro, no matter the number of women the man is seeing behind. It is not the absolute best choice to quit your relationship.

She comprehends no man who is in a right frame of mind will just wake up and start chasing different women outside therefore when it happens so it means something might have gone wrong which needs a serious analysis of the situation and a homework to win your man back.

She said break up or divorce is never the solution bearing it own consequences as well.

Charllote Oduro in an interview with Kofi Tv admonished women not to rush in any breakup or divorce when the man is found to be cheating as the repercussions of divorce may have more adverse effect on suitors themselves and the children.

Kumawood actress Christiana Awuni has expressed her displeasure towards Madam Charlotte’s counseling of enticing women to still pamper and acknowledge their cheating husband. Christina Awuni further reveals she is indirectly encouraging the men to always cheat