I’ll walk out of interviews that question my source of income – Medikal


Rapper Medikal says he will walk out of media interviews that will query his source of income.

According to him, every money he has spent since his career took off came from the music business.

In an interview on Accra FM, the Omo Ada hitmaker said he couldn’t comprehend why many will think he is a con artiste though he is a musician.

In my whole life, I don’t remember touching money which is fraud. Every money is from my music. Before I travelled recently, I checked my Tunecore and I had over 40,000 dollars there.

Talking about some of his sources of income apart from music streams, he said you can get money from shows and brand endorsement among others.

He, thus, warned that radio presenters and journalists who will bring up the question of him being a fraudster will face his wrath.

“The next time that I will go on any radio station and I’m asked about fraud, I will walk out. They are making the youth think even if you are doing music you have to do something else like fraud. F*** that,” he said.