Man Rumoured To Have Died In An Accident Storms His Hometown In A Motorcade And A Poster That Reads “Aiza Nwosu Is Awake”


A man rumoured to have died after he suffered an accident paraded his community in a motorcade to make it known that he’s still alive.

The man named Aiza Nwosu is said to have been unconscious after being involved in an accident.

Many feared he may not survive and began spreading news that he had died. Fortunately, he survived.

A video seen by LIB shows the moment he regained consciousness. He appears disoriented in the video and is seen looking around, confused, while loved ones and hospital staff praised God for his life.

After he was completely healed, he printed a poster with his face and the words: “Aiza Nwosu is alive.”

Aiza, who is a popular MC in Awka, pasted the posters on a number of cars and paraded the village with the cars.

He sat on one of the cars to show himself to the villagers in Awka, Anambra state. An ambulance made up the cars in his motorcade.