A woman allegedly killed in Ho by her boyfriend who attempted to kill himself


Harriet Kafui Ahiati, aged 25 has reportedly been murdered by her boyfriend in Ho, the Volta Region.

After the incident which is said to have taken place at 12 midnight on Monday, the boyfriend also attempted to kill himself.

It is alleged that he put a knife to his own throat and also had deep cuts on his tummy after he had murdered his girlfriend in a brawl.

Also, reports coming in suggest that his attempt to hang himself in his room also failed and he is currently receiving treatment at the Ho Teaching Hospital.

The mother of the deceased revealed that the couple who had been dating for six years started dating when her daughter was in JHS 3.


This new story is about the third spousal murder news coming out all in this month and it is alarming.

The late Harriet’s body has been deposited at the Ho Teaching Hospital morgue. We promise to bring you any further development in the case.