VIDEO: “I was sold to a man and transported from Cape Coast in ‘Ghana-Must-Go’ ” – young man shares a sad story


Joseph Conrad the Polish-British writer penned the following words; “The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary; men alone are quite capable of every wickedness”.

When one listens to the story of an innocent boy from Cape Coast who was sold and tortured, then the above quote vindicates the brain behind those words.

Samuel is a 30 year old young gentleman who at the age of 6 was sold to a man camouflaged as his father. The transitioning of living with the ‘father’ away from the mother leaves more questions than answers. room to be desired.

According to him, he was placed in a ‘Ghana-Must-Go’ luggage and sent to a village closer to Krache. When he landed at the place, he met about 39 children in the same predicament. The self acclaimed father who happens to be a traditionaliststarted making some yearly sacrifices of the kids around.

From his narration, the other people in the village were also in the same act and therefore had no right to question them.