A-Plus ‘beefs’ NPP Kofi Ofosu Nkansah on Facebook as some names hit in their tohubohu


Kwame Asare Obeng, commonly known by his stage name, A Plus is a political activist and the founder and the leader of The People’s Project (TPP). He is best known for his political bluntness against any Political party.

Kofi Ofosu Nkansah is the Managing Director, Accra Digital Center and also an activist and a strong NPP member. It appears A-Plus decided to respond to a post made by the former as perceived to be addressed to him though no name was mentioned.

In his response, he described Mr. Nkansah as a coward for not openly mentioning names and that for him, he is not afraid to name names.

Mr Nkansah wrote this;

“There is a loudmouth who is always attacking the Prez and calling him names. You are a party/Government bigwig close to the Prez and you entertain this loudmouth. He proudly mentions you as his friends/confidantes. The logical conclusion is that you support the attacks on the Prez. No ifs or buts”.

A Plus also responded with some insults and had this to say;

“Are you referring to Kennedy Agyapong or Bryan Achampong? But you can you fight those two? Or you are referring to John Boadu? Or Sammy Awuku? Ah But I spoke to the same Nana Akufo Addo you are referring to few days to the election?

You want to be MP but you attacked Sir John. How stupid can any young politician be? You see how you lost? Now you want to attack Kennedy Agyapong, Sammy Awuku, John Boadu and Bryan Achampong -and be MP in NPP??? ?????? Wonim nyansa!!!”

This also did not go well with Mr Nkansah as he has also responded to the words from A- Plus. He said;

“This is a response to the Kwame Aplus post about me:I did not mention any name in my post yesterday but he decided to accept it as his shade. Old women and mention of dry bones …1. I have never begged you or asked anyone to beg you on my behalf because I’m afraid of you. Texting you to confirm if your post is about me because I had no idea what you posted about is not begging. If anyone begged you, I didn’t ask them to.2. If someone sent you to attack another 4 years ago, don’t assume I’ll do same. No one has sent me to come after you. It’s your own fabrication”…