VIDEO: 1992 Constitution grants Freedom of Worship–Vhim Lady chastises Nana Akomea over Rasta’s belief in dreadlocks


Top Ghanaian senior high school, Achimota School refusal to admit new students wey get dreadlocks dey spark debate for de country.

Father of de student, Ras Aswad Nkrabeah who dem refuse en child admission sake of de child en dreadlocks explain take to social media to vent en frustration.

“Dis morning, school authorities for Achimota School claim say dema rules no dey allow students plus dreadlocks to be admitted,” Ras Aswad Nkrabeah talk.

“My son be one of de affected children, dem refuse other students too on same grounds. We no get option than say we go battle dis gross human right violation” he add.

Mr Nkrabeah who be Rastafarian himself explain say per de 1992 constitution of Ghana every child get right to education.

De culture of en child no for stop and from getting education like children who get other cultural believes.

Achimota School authorities however explain give de parents say de laws of de school dey prevent dem from admitting students wey get dreadlocks.

Mr Nkrabeah however raise questions about whether de school laws dey supreme to laws of Ghana.

Dis issue sparks new debate over how African culture, hair den culture dey always face opposition from institutions.