“God will judge rich church members who allow their pastors to struggle” – Bishop Agyin-Asare


The founder and Senior Bishop of Perez Chapel International Bishop Charles Agyin Asare speaking on the subject, ‘The Man of God: His work, character, reward and honour’ on Joy FM Christian A Walk with Jesus” on Sunday said, God will judge rich church members who allow their pastors to be poor.

He again stressed that honouring a man of God must come with the work he does.

“If a pastor is performing his duties, the church must pay his salary. If the church is doing well, the church must pay his social security, they must think of his retirement, the church must take care of his health bills”, he said.

According to the man of God, “somebody comes to the church, but he doesn’t have a car. In a short while, he has three cars and the pastor still doesn’t have a car or probably has a troublesome car, that church member is ungrateful”.

When the coin was flipped, this was what he had to say concerning men of God who take advantage of the church member to enrich themselves;

“In life, everybody has been programmed to take advantage of other people. The lawyer takes advantage of the man who has a case.

“Someone is dying and goes to the hospital, the doctor, except he wants to do it pro-bono, will take his money. The bank takes three times what it lends to the poor trader.

“In the same way, the politician, no matter how rich he is, when he wins an election, the state has to take care of him. So has God provided that he who works at the altar must live by the altar.”

Bishop Agyin Asare also questioned why people criticize some men of God for owning private jets.