VIDEO: Nana Topkay explains the myth behind the taking of 3 months baby by the god of a river


The world is full of strange acts and this story is one of such incidents. This is a story of a 27-year-old mother of 3, who woke up to some beads, a letter and a strand of hair instead of her baby.

The lady who hails from Akyem Nkwanteng after experiencing still birth during her third delivery, fortunately conceived again. According to the narration, Korkor ( the mother in question) before delivery had always been grieving for her loss.

This then caused the river goddess to freely give her a child, so the mother will stop grieving.

Before the baby was taken away, the river goddess in the village came to warn her with regard to her baby’s treatment. According to the mother, the person came to her house around 12 and threatened to take the baby way if she mistreats her because the baby belongs to the river goddess.

Just a day after the warning, the young lady woke up to see a replacement for her baby with beads, a letter and a bundle of hair. Upon consultation with the Chief Priest, the river goddess revealed that, the baby will return to the mother after 10 years.