“Fish washed ashore already eaten by locals but not reached markets yet” – FDA


The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has encouraged citizens to freely enjoy eating fish as the fishes washed ashore at some beaches of the country have not reached the market.

This was made known by the Ashanti Regional Regulatory Officer of the Food and Drugs Authority, Mr. Prince Opoku Adutwum, who has assured Ghanaians that these fishes have not reached markets yet.

“Investigations conducted by the Food and Drugs Authority has revealed that, those who collected the washed ashore fish were not traders who sells fishes but rather they were people living around the beaches. Those who gathered the washed away fish were for domestic consumption and not for commercial”, Mr. Prince Opoku Adutwum told Nana Kwadwo Jantuah the host.

Mr. Prince Opoku Adutwum however continued that, after numerous agencies came in, there was a lot of public education in those communities with most people returning the fishes they collected.

He added that, the FDA has also deployed men on beaches across the country for surveillance and to educate markets women.

“So far they have not seen any of these fishes on market”, Mr. Prince Opoku Adutwum affirmed.

The FDA assured that, there have been a strict surveillance in non-fishing communities like Kumasi and others so that in case these fishes get to our markets, they can prevent them from being sold


During the past week, some fishing communities including Osu and Axim woke up to find dead fishes washed ashore their beaches.

The news shook the country as people begun to ask questions to ascertain the exact cause of the tragedy. In the western region alone, reports suggested there were about 300 dolphins washed ashore.

At Osu in the country’s capital, some individuals collected the fishes. Some fear these fishes could be sold on the Ghanaian market for innocent people who may not have idea of the source of these fishes.