“KASOA KILLING: Poverty is the root cause” – Bishop Salifu Amoako (VIDEO)


The Founder and Leader of Alive Chapel International, Archbishop Elisha Salifu Amoako has raised his voice on the Kasoa killing and according to him, the sure reason for the rising spate of crime in the country is solely on the high level of poverty the average citizen lives.

Speaking to the media after his Easter Church Service on Sunday, Archbishop Amoako stated that the root cause of the recent ritual killing recorded at Kasoa in the Central Region can be traced to poverty and thus urged the leadership of the country to as much as possible work towards elevating the living standards of citizens.

“All these acts are as a result of lack of money. The poverty in Ghana here is too much. Those children maybe they want money to better the lives of their family, and they have seen people doing it, so they want to practice,” he stated.

According to Archbishop Elisha Amoako, the issue of ritualists and money doublers taking over the media space is a matter of failed regulation.

“This is not the first time this has happened; it happens all the time. As I said, everything rises and falls on leadership. We have leaders who issue licence for these mallams and other people to perform such things on national TV. They give them the licence; the licence is coming from the same leaders. If they say we won’t allow such things on national TV, it would stop all those things.

“These are fake people, the world has come to that. So I believe that our leaders should put their foot forth and make sure that they stop all those things. If they act it will stop but if they don’t, they will go on to do what they are doing and the children will learn from them and start killing their parents and their friends. So the leaders should act and make sure that such people are not given license,” he added