“Keeping NPP in power for 30 years will eradicate poverty in Ghana” Richard Ahiagbah


Executive Director of the Danquah Institute, Richard Ahiagbah has appealed to the sensitivities of Ghanaians to keep the New Patriotic Party in power for thirty years.

According to him, the NPP staying in power for long will change the fortunes of the Ghanaian and make the country economy better.

His comment comes on the back of the killing of the 10 year old boy in Kasoa; something he blamed on poverty. The root cause is economic hardship which impacts some parents and go down to their children.

So it is economic and there is a plan to deal with it. It is time we have to consistently have a system in place and I suggest that we support the NPP to stay in power for maybe 30 or so years to make sure we drive a particular economic mindset to be able to address that issue.

But beyond that, elsewhere, you can see church or charity organizations committed to doing certain things.

Our churches are doing well but the place they’ve failed, for me, is the essence of why we give or pay tithe. We pay tithe so that there will be food in the house of God for who? For the children of God,” Richard Ahiagbah stated.

Currently, the two teenagers are standing trial for the murder of the ten year old boy. Police have also arrested the ritualists who encouraged the teenagers to kill the ten year old boy for money rituals.