Afrobeats is taking over the world – ‘Cash Out’ hitmaker, Nathaniel The Great eyes collaboration with Stonebwoy


Nathaniel The Great, a recording artist and songwriter from Brooklyn, New York scored a massive hot in the first quarter of 2021 with his single ‘Cash Out’.

With the likes of Musiq Soulchild, Usher and Donny Hathoway as some of his musical influences Nathaniel is sure destined to greatness as his name implies.  “At this point in my career, I see myself as a conqueror of my direction and purpose in life. Similar to Alexander The Great and other conquerors, I feel like I am a conqueror in my journey, so I added ‘The Great’ to my name,” he explains in an interview of Ameyaw TV.

Nathaniel is known for giving contemporary RnB a fresh sound, blending hip-hop and neo-soul, as is evident on ‘Cash Out’.  “The idea behind ‘Cash Out’ is just about cashing out on your dreams and goals, making it to a level in life that you’re striving for. It is really a story of triumph and I think a lot of people feel like that right now, especially after the pandemic. We’ve been through so much and all of us have dreams and goals.  It is an uplifting song so I have been getting great response.”

The singer-songwriter grew up with 7 siblings and a single mother in the Fort Greene Housing projects. Luckily, music would be his ticket out and the success of ‘Cash Out’ is a result of years of hard work and perseverance.

“It took a lot of work , I’ve been doing music for over ten years. I have worked with big artists like DJ Khaled , French Montana, and Papoose, and over time. I have been building my resume, building my relationships, growing my fan base and support base. This has allowed me to get to this point where I can put out a hit single,” Nathaniel explains.

On his style of music, Nathaniel The Great says it is the kind that keeps R&B alive but with a contemporary feel.  “It is hard to keep real R&B alive while it is changing so much. Now we have a lot of rappers singing and they call it R&B, then you have a lot of singers rapping and that is also called R&B. For me, it has always been about hearing what is going on and keeping the essence of R&B. So I can put out a song, call it R&B and people listen to it and say this is real R&B but at the same time it has elements of fake R&B to make people attached to it.”

Nathanial is currently working on an album, which is scheduled for release around June. “It would be an EP, like a 5-song project where I am kind of changing the sound a little bit. Everything is similar to ‘Cash Out’. I am also working on some surprises I cannot mention now,” he hints.

The singer also has a song wit his son coming out soon. It is called ‘Blessings’. He is also looking to collaborate with some African artists including Stonebwoy.

“I have about four Afrobeats songs now and I am trying to get a joint with Stonebwoy.  Afrobeats is one the prominent genres right now. If don’t have one in your catalogue, then you’re literally missing out on what is happening right now. “

He continues: “I can’t wait to visit Africa and get I real connection with the motherland.  I am proud of the music coming out of Africa. I am here in New York and we have a ton of Afrobeats DJs that is playing everywhere so I have to say Africa is doing a great job taking over the world.”