“You’ve become a ‘political preacher’ and you’ll be treated as such” – Hopeson Adorye to Prophet Kofi Oduro


There was a video which was trending online with Prophet Kofi Oduro, the head pastor of the Alabaster International Church blasting the leadership of the country for failing to handle power outages in the country.

In the said video, the man of God expressed the worrying effect of ‘dumsor’ on Ghanaians especially the people and businesses in the Ashanti Regional capital of Kumasi.

According to him, Kumasi has been experiencing erratic power supply for ages with government offering no solution to the problem.

“We vote you into power to fix things and not compare with former leadership. We still live in ‘dumsor’ in this era, fix it! Fix it!” he said.

Some of these comments did not go well with Defeated New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary Candidate for Kpone Katamanso Constituency Hopeson Adorye , as he described the man of God as politically motivated preacher.

Again, he alleges that the former Chief of Staff Julius Debrah is his relation and therefore will do the bidding of the opposition National Democratic Congress.


Prophet Dr Kofi Oduro has now turned to a Political Preacher, and he will be accorded or treated like a politician from now.It’s his right to choose whatever he wants but one thing he is forgetting is that, freedom of speech comes or goes with a responsibility.

The way he lambasts and describe leadership in this country is so amazing. He is a brother to Julius Debrah former Chief of Staff under John Mahama NDC so no wonder he behaves this way. He wants NDC to come to power, so he can enjoy state facilities.

I want to ask Prophet Oduro how he got his Alabaster church building? That building was a state property and he should tell us how he got it. (I will Give details soon) I am happy you referred to Rwanda and you are aware churches in Rwanda pay taxes or? And no Preacher there can do or spew the rubbish you spew or?

Don’t hide behind the pulpit to spew those garbage without facts.Under the leadership of your brother Julius Debrah we all saw the performance and how much fuel you were buying to hold church services.

Let people know you are NDC Preacher and be free than hiding behind the pulpit. Your primary duty is to preach salvation to the people not insults and politics. When NDC was in power who knew you then?

Once you chose to be a Political Preacher some of us will treat you as such. You don’t have authority over the word of God. The word is given to all of us for free.

End of part one. (1) I shall be back.