“It is only a greedy person who comes for sika gari” Nana Agradaa


Controversial spiritualist Patricia Asiedu popularly known as Nana Agradaa has shockingly revealed the real truth behind her sika gari ritual during her interview with Kwaku Manu monitored by OneGhanaOnline.

There had been various allegations against her concerning the sika gari, as many have described it as a way of robbing people of their hard-earned money as monies given do not come out with the expected returns.

People who tend to be difficult are subjected to beatings by her bodyguards who are well-built men stationed at the venue just for that purpose when such an individual becomes conscious of her act.

Speaking on the issue, Nana Agradaa referenced the Bible as the source of her actions and that the bible has said that the fool will sweep his home and bring the booty to the wise one.

According to her, a fetish priest who is poor is a fetish priest who does not reason and lacks common sense because apart from having the powers, it is imperative that you apply common sense because it is the common sense that will bring money.

She said she gets to go scot-free because matters of the spirit cannot be addressed in the court of law neither can the Police handle it.