I’ll file a case against you- DKB fires Akuapem Poloo’s manager


Comedian Derick Kobina Bonney popularly known as DKB has fired shots at the Manager of Akuapem Poloo -Divine Jones for tarnishing his reputation over his kind gesture towards the actress.

It can be seen all over social media a flier shared by DKB containing the bank and momo details of Rosemond Brown to raise funds for her to assist and help her family while she is away serving her sentence.

Well, it seems the benevolent gesture of the comedian has been met with public criticism after Mr Jones in an interview revealed that the management team of Poloo has not granted any permission to DKB to carry out such an initiative.

According to the manager, DKB made no effort to ask either the management or Poloo’s legal team before putting out account details to beg funds on behalf of her.

“For me I understand how people are sympathizing with her, how everybody is trying to cope, some people are coping, others are just pretending, others are all hypocrites, but my point is that, I think whatever donation that is going on is wrong.” 

“ You should be able to consult Poloo’s management or you should be able to consult Poloo’s legal counsel, you can’t just go out there to start getting donations, for which purpose are you getting the donations? Is it for the child? Is it for the mother? “ Mr Jones stated.

 “…if you want to something of that sort, to try to show that you actually care, I feel at least the attention of the management team should be drawn or the legal team should be drawn” he concluded.