I am writing this letter to express my interest in participating in the exchange program that Eberswalde University Of Sustainable Development (EUSD), Germany has with Kumasi Technical University (KsTU).

As a BTECH Civil Engineering student I believe that this opportunity will prove not only an unforgettable experience but also an invaluable opportunity to learn about the need for sustainable development through engineering since according to recent statistics, Germany has the second highest number of engineering workers among all employees in the European Union which signifies their much interest in the field of engineering.

I understand the value of the exchange program and hence i am immensely diligent to make the most of it. i am trying my best to express my strong urge to be part of the Erasmus program.

This exchange (program) opportunity will allow me to study from the same curriculum used by students in Germany, which will give me different perspective on concepts taught in Ghana.

This dear opportunity will enable me to practice not my language skills but also familiarize myself with the rich history, cultural norms and styles of the citizens there. As a future diplomate it will be my responsibility to convey messages in a way that can be comfortably understood by the other party. I also hope that the experience will enhance my ability to communicate and advocate for dutch-speaking in my own community back home.

This exchange program will be a great opportunity for me explore another part of the world while continuing my education. I hope to be given a chance, as i am confident that I am capable of meeting your expectations.

Thank you for my consideration.

Yours’ Sincerely ,

KWAKYE, Patrick Kwame