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CEO of Miracle Films Productions, Samuel Nyamekye

The CEO of Miracle Films Productions, Samuel Nyamekye has blamed the collapse of the earlier Ghanaian movie industry on the proliferation of Nigerian actors in Ghanaian movies.

The veteran producer disclosed that his decision to introduce Nigerian actors into the Ghanaian industry backfired.

He explained that movie producers in Nigeria realized his strategy to proliferate their market with Ghanaian movies hence they also came to Ghana to start production.

Making his revelations in an interview with ZionFelix, sighted by Ghanaweb, the CEO of Miracle Films said, “I decided to bring the Nigerian artistes to join the Ghanaian actors so we can get a collaboration. The idea was so we can benefit from Nigeria but that idea failed because you can’t compete with Nigeria. They have the population and they have money, resources.”

According to him, he couldn’t contend with the opposition he faced because they were more financially muscled than he was.

“They said if Nyamekye has come to Nigeria then let’s also go Ghana. So they came purposely to the Ghanaian movie industry to collapse it. They came to take over our market because if you see Nigerian actors in Ghanaian movies that’s the same thing you will see in theirs. It got to a time they could release more than 50 movies. And even 10 movies were capable of sinking Miracle Films.”

Asked by Zion Felix if he was the first reason for the collapse of the Ghanaian movie industry, Samuel Nyamekye said, “Yes I can say I was the first cause because I threw the first punch and they returned with more than I could carry.”