“Cheating is part of marriage” – Empress Gifty advises wives


Cheating in marriage has caused a lot of divorces in the country but Gospel musician Empress Gifty has advised married couples to bear in mind that cheating is part of matrimony.

According to her, cheating is a reality in marriage and therefore married couples must factor that in their journey together. This was made known during her interview on Accra100.5FM.

She further noted that couples have to understand that either of them is bound to cheat, as there is no perfect marriage.

She had this to say;

“If you are a married man or a married woman, cheating is part of marriage. If you don’t come to terms with it, when it happens to you, you can go mad”.

“She again urged couples to not “see your partner as Holy Ghost or the Virgin Mary” but rather “Look at them as human and accept that they can falter at any time”.

“Just as there is marriage, there is divorce. There are disadvantages and advantages; strengths and weaknesses in marriage”, she pointed out.

Asked to name three things that could lead to misunderstanding in marriage, Mrs Adorye advised women thus: “Don’t communicate with your husband’s supposed side chick, don’t pick your husband’s phone, don’t sleep in separate rooms”.