VIDEO: Don’t be overwhelmed for repenting Agradaa there’s a lot of work to be done — Maame Yeboah to Pastor


According to him, people have been bashing him ever since he married her because they cannot fathom why a man of God would marry a chief priestess.

He says he could not bothered because as a man of God and someone who understand the Bible very well, he had to make sure he did not reject anyone just because of their beliefs.

According to Pastor Oduro Koranteng, he and his godfather has been praying for the past five years for this day and they can only thank God that it has become a passing reality.

“When you listened outside you would’ve heard people insulting me asking why I am married to a fetish priestess as a pastor. Being a fetish priest did not mean she was less of a human. These are the people God wants to do his work. She is my wife and I can’t say because she was a Priestess, I was leaving her to marry another woman, that’s not what we are taught. It took us five good years, myself and my senior pastor to come to this day.”

He insists it is all of God’s plans but we have our doubts.